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i’m Ahmed Atrees

Ahmed Atrees

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I’m a very good self-learner, I’m seeking a challenging non-routine job in a well reputed company, where I could develop my skills & widening my experience, I have a Complete awareness with work under aseptic conditions and good ability to working with a team. And I'm a very good learner because I built my experience with self-study and practical experience. .

My prior experience in team leading has provided me with unique technical skills that I can deal with any kind of developers as well as other teams..

I'm honored to be the technical supervisor for development of the websites of government newspapers, Al-Ahram, Dar El-Helal and Dar El-maref

Birthdate : 19/05/1980
Phone : + 20-100-977-88-67
Email : [email protected]
Website :Ahmed.scriptstarts.com
Adresse : 2010 ADEL SHAHAWI, 6 OCTOBER.

  • Team leader
  • Sr. DevOps
  • Web Developer


  • 01
    Tchnical Team leader

    Administrative Control Authority

    I am honored to be the technical team leader for the new website of ACA. https://aca.gov.eg/ .


  • 02
    Tchnical consultant

    National Press Authority

    Provide organizations with information technology support to operate more efficiently. My duties include implementing hardware and software solutions, enhancing IT systems, and resolving technical issues .


  • 03
    Technical director of editorial websites

    Amac, Ahram Newspaper

    My duties include develop and maintain product development plans, assure team performance and quality of the product, update the technology and platforms used inside the editorial websites
    • Providing technical Support for editorial websites.
    • Leading the SEO strategies for editorial websites.
    • Maintains staff by selecting, orienting, and training employees. .


  • 04
    UI developer


    work for ITS (https://www.its.ws) as a part timer UI developer for a specific project..


  • 05
    Scrum Master

    Amac, Ahram Newspaper

    LMy job was coaching team about agile scrum to deliver successful deliverables resolves impediment and have control over the scrum processes, as well as make sure that project is working smoothly and every team member has tools to get their work done efficiently. I'm also execute the backlog as wished by product owner, making sure that deliverables are on time with production quality. I'm actively involved in technical matters thus finding out the gaps and ensuring product owner involvement in business decision and description of the functional flow .


  • 06
    Free-lancer web developer


    Working as a free-lancer web developer my experience includes analysis, database structure, coding, optimizing and styling. Here are examples of my work
    * I'm GM and co-founder of the web services company scriptstars.com
    * Creating the newspaper workflow for El Badeel newspaper, the system still used as a complete publishing workflow system.
    * Create analysis and lead the developing team of the news portal (elmashhad.com)
    * Programming of a Complete publishing workflow system for Newspapers and Magazines, used by Loghat El-asr magazine and previsouly by Almasry Alyoum Newspaper.
    * Great experience in complete workflow solution that provides a mechanism that transforms the flow of information to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance, the solution based on (PHP – Mysql)
    * From scratch developing of (2ooly.com)
    * From scratch developing of download portals (moshax.com- apkhat.com- soft85.com)
    * Classified ads websites (mubawba.com - class.moshax.com - waseety.com)
    * Developing online news websites (alwakei.com- araby.today - salama.sa7afastreet.com) .


  • 07
    Web development team leader

    Amac, Ahram Newspaper

    Lead the web development team in AMAC (Ahram management and accounting center), My job is supervising the web development team. .


  • 08
    Development team head

    Amac, Ahram Newspaper

    Lead development team in Ahram development project. My job includes creating a vision of a project, design database structure, select the best team member to do every job, organize and follow up progress, help team members in solve problems and finally hand over the code and make sure nothing is out guidelines. Site creation included use of C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, online payment features, and form processing. .


  • 09
    Technical support manager

    Grapheast Egypt

    Working as technical support manager for Grapheast Egypt the official distributor for adobe products in Middle East. .


  • 10
    Senior web developer

    Elis Online

    Create and maintain site pages using PHP, Mysql and HTML. My job also includes creating a complete solutions such as an SMS portal to send advertising materials by SMS. .



  • 01
    Helwan University


    Commerce & Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce .



  • Php
  • .NET
  • javascript
  • Scrum
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Creative 80%
  • Leadership 90%
  • Communication 90%
  • Proactive problem solving 85%
  • Patience with others 90%
  • Negotiation skills 80%